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Montag, 23. September 2019, 13:46

Hello to all - New in Berlin

Hi All,
First of all I want to appologize for writting in english, however, work live just brought me to Berlin and I though that it was time to find some like minded gamers.

My name is Hugo, I'm Portuguese and I've been playing tabletop games for more than 15 years.
In the last few years my main focus has been Flames of War (I'm a 6 years veteran from the Portuguese ETC team), but I just enjoy the casual and just for fun games.
In the last years I've also started playing L'Art de La Guerre. It started as a second game to play something different than FoW, but it is rappidely becaming one of my favorite games. I never played FOG or DBA, but I find painting and playing from Bibilical to medieval armies great fun. Currently painting an Ilkhanid Mongol Army for ADLG.
Also play some Bloodbowl on the spare time, but I have to say I play it very badly :)

Right now, I'm living out of a Berlin hotel room 2 weeks a month, but its totaly possible that in the near future this will be permanent and I'll be a full time resident, so I though it would better to introduce yourself and meet some likeminded gammers.
I understand that you guys play every thrusday and some saturdays. I'm in Berlin this week, but with no miniatures other then some stuff to paint. But I'll be back in a couple of weeks and I can bring an army of FOW (if you guys are playing) or some ADLG miniatures (If you guys are playing or anyone would be interest in testing the rule set, I think I have something for to basic armies).

So is the thursdays nights play open to all? I could try to stop this Thursday and meet some of you. Or just let me know if you want to book some games or demos. I'll be here the week of October 6th.

Best regards,
Hugo Barata


Montag, 23. September 2019, 15:45

Der Hugo,
Welcome to Berlin!

The Dice Knights are a group of tabletop players who gather every Thursday at 19:30 in our gaming room in Kreuzberg. We play all sorts of tabletop. Right now we have a running FOW hobby league with a few dedicated players.

Personally I play FOW, DBA, FOG and L' Art de la Guerre and have some ready to play armies for all of these games. You are welcome to visit us and maybe play a game. Just look into this forum under Dice Knights to see what is going on next thursday or express interest to play.

Admiralstr. 17 (near U Kottbusser Tor).

Mylord, I have I cunning plan!


Montag, 23. September 2019, 19:25

Hi Hugo,

Welcome in Berlin.
If you find the time, just hop over to the Dice Knights in Admiralstr. on a Thursday for a cold beer and a wee game. Our meetings are open for any intrested gamers.



Dienstag, 24. September 2019, 08:16

Hey Guys,
Thank you for the warm welcome.

If work permits I'll try to stop by next thursday. No miniatures on me to play, but just to meet some of you guys and see whats going on.
Next time I'm in Berlin I can arrange something and bring some miniature to play some games.

Hugo Barata

Thomas K


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Dienstag, 24. September 2019, 08:28

Hi there!

As gwyndor and DonVoss said - the best way to play is at the Dice Knights! If you have troubles finding our place please see the website (with google maps and all this):

A friend and I are very interested in starting Art de la Guerre (our focus are the Macedonian and Punic wars). Maybe we can have a demo game some time?! :)


Dienstag, 24. September 2019, 09:44

Hi Hugo,

just to add, I have complete 15mm armies for the Macedonian and Punic Wars (Mid Republican Romans and Makedonian or similar) for DBA, L´Art de la Guerre etc. Luckily one can play all of these games with the same figures because the basing is the same. I´ll be happy to bring and lend figures for those who don´t have own armies ready.

Mylord, I have I cunning plan!


Dienstag, 24. September 2019, 09:46

Hi Thomas,
I'd be more than happy to make a demo.
Unfortunatly at this time I only own and Spring and Autumn Chinese Army, and some bad painted borrowed Mongol Miniatures (I'm painting my own mongol army). I can make a demo with those two, next time I'm in town (Which will be Thursday October 10th) . Or if you have any miniatures I can make some army lists to show you the ropes. Miniatures basing for ADLG is consistent with FOG Basing, and eventhough I never play FOG I'm told a FOG Army is about enough bases for 2 ADLG Armies.

Great news Gwyndor. That helps a lot. So its just a question of checking the calendars. I'm in Berlin this week and then on the Week of October 6th. I'm sure I'm visiting more often, but still don't have the calendar from work yet.


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