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Montag, 19. November 2018, 22:26

Forenbeitrag von: »JonathanBreese«

Quick Introduction

Hi, My name is Jonathan. I moved to Berlin back in August and heard about your group. I'm from the States, California specifically. I've been in Europe for about five years in both Germany and the United Kingdom. When I heard you're not just a Games Workshop group I was pretty sure I'd potentially found a group that might fit what I'm after. I'm into a wide variety of games, but I own more rules than I do miniatures. I'm always looking for a good spaceship game, but I own a wide variety of games...

Donnerstag, 23. August 2018, 15:54

Forenbeitrag von: »JonathanBreese«

Introducing Myself

Hi, I just moved to Berlin from U.K. via California and thought I'd introduce myself. Sorry, my German is pretty terrible. I wanted to get a feel for what's popular at the store and in Berlin gaming crowd in general. I play mainly RPGs, but I also do a variety of miniatures games. Right now I have miniatures for X Wing and Infinity, so I was curious how much they were played. I'm also really interested in Kill Team and plan on using my 40K minis for a few games to get a feel for it. So, I guess,...